Have you made the right choice for your baby’s toothpaste?

When you are looking for a toothpaste for children, the most important thing is that it is made of high quality, natural ingredients. Avec Moi Strawberry Kids Toothpaste fits that bill.

Notice: The formula containing traces of fluoride is highly recommended by US authoritative oral care experts to protect kids’ oral health safely and effectively.

● Flavor: Strawberry
● Age Group: Kids
● Net WT: 50g


● Patented ADP-1 and ADP-2 can reduce the depth of periodontal pockets, increase oral probiotics, and effectively prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay in children.

● Micron-scale texture abrasive to protect children’s teeth and enamel while cleaning teeth.

● No preservative formula, using food-grade flavors and pigments, safe and healthy.

● Traces of Fluoride, protect kids’ oral health safely and effectively.

● 100% Safe Ingredient


  • Strengthens teeth, prevents cavities, balances oral flora, reinforces oral defense system.
With appealing packing
Preferred Choice For Kids

How much toothpaste should a kid use from age 2 to 12? Avec Moi – Warm Reminder:

  • Before Age 2: Cleanse mouth with clean water before age 2.
  • Age 0 to 3 (baby teeth formation period): Use toothpaste less than 3mm in amount.
  • Age 3 to 5 (baby teeth growth period): Use toothpaste less than 5mm in amount.
  • Age 5 to 12 (permanent teeth growth period): Use toothpaste less than 1cm in amount.
Best gift for your baby

Makes your kids take to brushing teeth. Safe to use.

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