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Avec Moi is a brand of Suzhou Zhuama Biotechnology Co., Ltd. It is born for high-end, tasteful, life enjoying people. Depending on our unique probiotics technology, we brings a bright confident smile to light up your face, makes you carefree to enjoy various delicacies and keeps each other closer up with fresh breath.

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  • Avec Moi Probiotics Antibacterial Toothpaste and Mouthwash wholesale
  • Avec Moi Antibacterial Toothbrush wholesale
  • Avec Moi Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush wholesale
  • Probiotics Toothpaste and Mouthwash Customization and OEM
  • Electric Toothbrush and Antibacterial Toothbrush OEM
  • Probiotics Showel Gel, Shampoo products OEM

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Adults Toothpaste Packing with 54PCS
Kids Toothpaste Packing with 72PCS
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