Best Match – Probiotics Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Is your mouth really clean? Dental surface accounts for merely 25% of your total oral surface area. The remaining 75% of oral surface area (e.g. gums, oral mucosa, upper/lower jaws, etc.) cannot be thoroughly cleaned simply by brushing teeth, and those hard-to-reach areas are more likely to breed large amounts of bacteria.

Avec Moi Probiotics Toothpaste brings you a wonderful sensory teeth brushing experience. It is based on a 13-year scientific research results. Each gram of our probiotic toothpaste contains approximately 50 billion probiotics ADP-1.  Our toothpaste contains 10 times as many probiotics as common probiotics-containing toothpaste on the market, which helps enhance your oral defense system completely. These probiotics will kill oral pathogens in 2 seconds, inhibit harmful bacterial growth, freshen your breath all day long and whiten your teeth.​

Avec Moi Probiotic Mouthwash cleans your mouth area that toothbrush can hardly reach, helps reduce harmful oral bacteria and strengthen teeth. Probiotics adhering to tooth surface help reduce harmful oral bacteria, strengthen teeth and make gums feel more comfortable and healthya.

Adults Oral Care Series

Kids Oral Care Series

No matter whether you are at home or on a trip, Avec Moi will supply the best care for your family.

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