Avec Moi Sheer Love Through Extra Oral Care – It’s time to have a different experience for your oral.

A professional oral care manufacturer that creates unique probiotics technology for healthy oral care and consistently researches to make safe and convenient products

Choice for Adults healthy teeth and gum
  1. Add the Patented ADP-1 to help balance the oral flora, reduce plaque, remove bad breath and maintain periodontal tissue health.
  2. Whitening teeth brilliantly with proprietary whitening formula to remove stains without sensitivity and whiten your teeth in a healthy way.  
  3. Hydrated Silica, a noble abrasive in toothpaste.  
  4. No fluorine, safe and healthy
  5. 100% Safe Ingredient

Choice for Adults Teeth Whitening
  1. Sodium phytate – Natural botanic complex with mild floral flavor
  2. Remove stains effectively and whitening teeth brilliantly, dissolve extraneous pigmentation thoroughly
  3. Patented probiotics technology, protect enamels and teeth, kill and inhibit harmful bacteria
  4. Better abrasives – Micron-sized Hydrated Silica
  5. Fluoride-free, 100% safe and healthy ingredients.

  1. Patented ADP-1 and ADP-2 can reduce the depth of periodontal pockets, increase oral probiotics, and effectively prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay in children.
  2. Micron-scale texture abrasive to protect children’s teeth and enamel while cleaning teeth.
  3. Sweet ingestible strawberry flavors – preferred choice for kids, safe and healthy.
  4. Traces of Fluoride, protect kids’ oral health safely and effectively.
  5. 100% Safe Ingredient

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