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Choose Avec Moi Calm Comfort Brightening Toothpaste, give you a different experience!

Production Description:

Avec Moi Calm Comfort Brightening Toothpaste features patented probiotics ADP-1. It removes various pathogenic bacteria through conglutination, helps inhibit tooth plaque bacteria growth, balance oral flora, reduce plaque, and freshen breath.
Sodium Phytate is a natural botanic complex which helps remove stains effectively, diminish yellowish Nicotine stains, dissolve extraneous pigmentation thoroughly, protect enamels and teeth, and make teeth brilliant white.
Superior micron-level abrasives help clean, polish and smooth tooth surface without damage to enamels.

 Sodium phytate – Natural botanic complex with mild floral flavor

Remove stains effectively and whitening teeth brilliantly, dissolve extraneous pigmentation thoroughly

 Patented probiotics technology, protect enamels and teeth, kill and inhibit harmful bacteria

 Better abrasives – Micron-sized Hydrated Silica

 Fluoride-free, 100% safe and healthy ingredients.

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